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News Meulemans pigeons

Investing in qualityLast year has been a year of investments. There has been a search for pigeons which were able to strengthen the overall quality of the breeding loft. As a result, the breeding loft could welcome some 100% Meulemans pigeons and some young pigeons formerly owned by Richard van Cittert. (former second loft of Karel Meulemans). Furthermore, pigeons were purchased from the well performing lofts of Jan de Ruiter from Teuge. All these pigeons partly descend from Meulemans. A 100% Meulemans pigeon is the ‘Half-sister Olympiade’. During the sale of the Richard van Citters loft (This loft ceased to exist), three young pigeons were purchased which directly descend from the top couple ‘Grandson Pantani NL 06-1653535’ (bought as an egg) X Granddaughter Pantani B 07-6387665. Descendants from this couple have won many prizes including: 1/600 Quievrain, 1/445 Peronne, 6/9108 Strombeek, 3/1301 Strombeek and 1st place in the short distance championship (all won by D. van Riel). On top of that, two daughters from the grandson of the winner of Pau (national race) were purchased as well. Also these pigeons are 100% Meulemans. From the top colony of Jan de Ruiter from Teuge (based on the Meulemans breed), 5 pigeons have been bought. These pigeons are direct descendants from Jan’s undisputed top pigeon named ‘Viktor’. Viktor won 18 prices on 18 entries, a 100% score! Next to that, he won the title of best pigeon of the section.Furthermore, the breeding loft has welcomed 4 pigeons who are direct descendants of the ’05-2175266. This is the best breeding pigeon of Jan de Ruiter and also the father of the earlier mentioned ‘Victor’. The new pigeons are also descendants from the ‘122’, the ‘311’ and the ‘Wesselduivin’. Thanks to the above mentioned purchases, the Meulemans colony in the breeding loft has gained on quality tremendously.When you are interested in buying young pigeons for 2017, please contact me on the following e-mail address:

One of the cocks (see couples, 2018 )


Meulemans Choco en Arie Dijkstra pigeons Willie Bronkhorst Stokkum

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